Frequently asked questions

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are 55 minutes long and vary in level, as each session is tailored specifically to you and designed to meet your individual needs and fitness goals.

A private or small group session can give you the one-on-one attention that is not possible in a mat class with multiple students. Pilates is a very precise discipline, and the specific cues and corrections received in a small setting can make a huge difference in your workout.

Invented by  Joseph Pilates , the reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs. The springs provide choices of differing levels of resistance. One of the best things about the reformer is its versatility. Exercises can be done lying down, sitting, standing, pulling the straps, pushing the footbar, perched on the footbar, perched on the shoulder blocks, with additional equipment, upside down, sideways and all kinds of variations thereof. In other words, the reformer can train many parts of the body in so many different ways with just one piece of equipment.

The Pilates tower is also know as the half trapeze. The trapeze tower was a direct adaptation by Joseph Pilates of a bed with a frame with springs attached to support or challenge traditional Pilates mat work. Just like the reformer, the Pilates tower uses springs for resistance.  The tower has a spring bar and a push through bar which can be sprung from the top or the bottom as well as springs with hand/foot loops attached.

Like the reformer, the Pilates chair is another of Joseph Pilates’ resistance exercise machines. The Pilates chair is basically a box with one side that can be pressed down against the resistance of springs, like a large pedal. Sometimes the pedal portion is divided into two parts that can be worked independently.

Pilates will provide the body with a longer and leaner appearance while toning and shaping the body. Increasing lean muscle mass significantly increases the body’s calorie-burning potential to maximize weight loss.​

The answer must take into account an individual’s goals, baseline exercise level, and schedule. I believe Pilates should be one part of a wider health and wellness program. Many of the Pilates fundamentals can follow you outside the studio and help improve your golf swing, tennis game, skiing, etc. 

There are always modifications to the exercises to help and not aggravate an existing injury or physical limitation. Pilates is rehabilitative for many back and muscular injuries as it is a low impact form of exercise focused on strengthening and aligning the body.

Wearing fitted workout clothes will enable me to see how your body is moving. Socks with grips will help avoid slipping off equipment during the workout. As for equipment, everything you need is provided in the studio.

Doing Pilates with others is a wonderful and cost-saving way to exercise and often provides extra motivation to keep you committed to the practice.

 Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for pregnant women as well as women who have recently given birth. It increases the  strength of the abdominal muscles, back and pelvic floor.  Pregnant women need to submit a note from their doctor before starting Pilates.

Sessions must be canceled within a 24-hour period prior to the scheduled session or the full price of the session will be charged. If you have a package, the session will be applied.

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